BAUD Industries Holds First Group Convention

450 employees of the Group were gathered together on Friday 28th September 2018 to celebrate 40 years of BAUD Industries.

In the morning the teams visited the various production sites of the company and after they re-grouped at BAUD Vougy, in the extension of the new building, to participate in the Group Convention.

It was an exceptional moment as, for the first time, everyone was gathered to share the new CAP 2020 strategic plan, which sets out the guidelines, ambitions and vision of BAUD Industries for the years to come.

Surrounded by his brothers Renald and Jean-Noël, who also manage the company, Lionel BAUD, CEO of BAUD Industries, thanked all the teams for their commitment. Sure of the need to move forward collectively and encouraging all the employees, it is on these words that Lionel BAUD concluded the afternoon: “The next deadlines imposed on us by the world and its developments, must not scare us. Have confidence in your abilities. All together, we are able to work with the largest companies in the world, and this will continue. Together to build, together to grow, together to win! “

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